William Mills Travis1,2

M, #485, b. 1 April 1728, d. 26 April 1805
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     William Mills Travis, son of Dr. Edward Travis and Mary Mills, was born on 1 April 1728 at Bath, Beaufort County, North Carolina, Another researcher, Norma Lundgren at nlndgrn@sbcglobal.net, sent an email stating that this birth date may not be correct. She reports that the will of John Mills, grandfather of William Mills Travis, mentions him. The will was witten or recorded on 21 Oct 1717 in Prince George's County, MD.3,1,4 William Mills Travis was the son of Dr. Edward Travis and Mary Mills.

According to Mary Collins Landin, "He was a Revolutionary War soldier and patriot...He was a prisoner of war for a period of time during the war. He and his family were also devout Baptists, and they helped start Baptist churches in North Carolina and Georgia before moving to Mississippi."1

William Mills Travis married Abigail Denmark, daughter of William Denmark and Mourning Moye, on 27 May 1752.

William Travis held a number of official positions in North Carolina. In 1771, he did Colonial service in the battle of Almance. He was on the Committee to raise funds for the patriots of Boston, 3 Nov 1774. He was third on the list of the signers of the famous declaration pledging support of Congress against Great Britain 1 July 1775. While serving in the Revolution, 29 July 1781, while taking refuge in Wake County from Cross Creek and returning from that place, he was captured with a man named Sprawls by the British and made prisoner, and on 12 Aug 781, Simon Worley applied to Thomas Burke for a flag of truce, informing him that William Travis was a prisoner of the British at Wilmington and desiring to take him clothes and money, which was granted. A voucher was issued to him as a revolutionary soldier, 3 Aug 1784.

William Travis was an influential member of the Flat Swamp Church at Red Banks until November 1784, when he was dismissed and went to Georgia. He first removed to Richmond Co, Georgia, where he was appointed a Justice of the Peace. He then removed to Warren Co. A bronze tablet at the court house at Warrenton commemorates his revolutionary service. He was referred to in 1791 as a silversmith. Later, the record shows that William was inspector of "pork, beef, rice, indigo, tar, pitch, turpentine, staves, headings, shingles and lumber."5

William Mills Travis died on 26 April 1805 at Warren County, Georgia, at age 77.

William Mills Travis left a will on 13 August 1805 at Warren County, Georgia, The abstract of his will is: Wife: Abigail; Sons: Simeon, Asa, Amos, Gideon (deceased); Daughters: Barrow, Siddi; Albriton, Liddey (?); Dolly, deceased; Heirs: heirs of Travis, Giden (deceased), heirs of (?), Dolly (deceased); Executor: Travis, Simeon; Travis, Asa; Travis, Amos;Witness: Herring, John; Smith, John, Powell, Martha.6

Children of William Mills Travis and Abigail Denmark


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