Barrett Travis1,2

M, #567, b. 1751, d. 1812
Last Edited=2 Oct 2007
     Barrett Travis, son of John Travis and (?) Barrett, was born in 1751. Barrett Travis was the son of John Travis and (?) Barrett.

In "Three Roads to the Alamo" by William C. Davis, this Barret Travis is listed as Berwick and states that Barret is the English pronounciation of Berwick. He also says that he was an indentured servant in Loudon County, Virginia and that in 1772 he traveled south along Shenandoah Valley into and across North Carolina and down to the Saluda River (ninety-six District). He got a grant of 100 acres on the north side of the river by Mine Creek.

When the Revolution, in which he did not fight, was over, South Carolina became a state and the 96 Districe was divided. Now Travis was in the new Edgefield County. In 1812, when he died, his estate was valued at $4232.12 and he had 4 daughters, 3 sons and his wife, Ann Smallwood, who survived him.2

Barrett Travis married Ann Smallwood, daughter of William Smallwood, in 1773.

Barrett Travis died in 1812.2

Children of Barrett Travis and Ann Smallwood


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