Laurence Travers1

M, #718, d. after 1287
Last Edited=5 Oct 2007
     Laurence Travers was the son of Laurentius Travers.2

For information regarding the history of this family, see "The Collins and Travis Families and Their Allies" by Mary Collins Landin; "History of Garstand Parish", Vol. 104, Part 1, pages 247-250; and "The Family of Travis or Travers and Its Allies" by General Robert J. Travis (privately published in 1954 in Savannah, GA).

In the Landin book, she says, "The Family of Travis (Travers) is very, very old, originating in early France, and meaning 'someone who lives at a crossroads'. The first of the name in England was a companion of William the Conqueror, and his name in the Battle Abbey Roll is simply carried as Travers...The family had several members who were knighted, who were associated with nobility, and Tulketh is still referred to at the present time as Mount Travers...The vamily in Virginia changed its name spelling from Travers to Travis after two generations."

Two sources have been primary resources in research of the Travers/Travis branch. Beginning with Richard Travers who married in 1490 and his descendents, I received information from the database of Jane Embrose, email,, 31 Bonda Drive, Greenville, Mississippi, 601-332-6595. Earlier generations come from Mary Collins Landin in "The Collins and Travis Families and Their Allies," 1982. Mary Collins Landin's book ran in parallel with the information from Jane Embrose, though with some additional detail, which I incorporated. Jane Embrose's database allowed me to trace the relationship to William Barrett Travis of the Alamo and was not included in the Landin book. A third corroboration of some of this came from some family group sheets of various Travis and Granberry families which I found in the archives of the Heidelburg, MS, library.1 He was also known as of Nateby and Tulketh.

Laurence Travers married (?) de Kellet.

In 1272 gave lands to his son, Thomas.2

On 24 June 1287, he was Warden of the Hospital of B. M. Magd. at Preston, and about that time he was a juror on the inquisition post-mortem of Adam de Preston.2

Laurence Travers died after 1287.2

Child of Laurence Travers and (?) de Kellet


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