John Welch1

M, #209, b. circa 1612, d. 9 June 1681
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Welch Branch
     John Welch, son of Josias Welch, was born circa 1612. John Welch was the son of Josias Welch.

John Welch of Irongray was a Covenanter and went to the Battle of Bothwell Bridge, 1679, with a body of Aryshire recruits. He was contending for the freedom to preach. A price was set upon his head as an outlaw. After they were defeated at Bothwell Bridge, the troops continued to harass and persecute the people. The son of John Welch of Irongray, Thomas, went to South Carolina with other relatives to escape this persecution. All of this is according to W. S. Welch letter June 30, 1950.1 He was also known as John Welch of Irongray.1

John Welch died on 9 June 1681 at London, England. and was buried. He was buried in his grandfather's grave.1

Child of John Welch


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