Winnie Welborn1

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     Winnie Welborn, daughter of George Welborn and Hipolita Rodriguez, was born.1 Winnie Welborn was the daughter of George Welborn and Hipolita Rodriguez.1

Of interest regarding Willie Welborn is the following from family member Arturo Castro: "At the outbreak of the war, the Philippines was occupied (for 3 1/2 years)by the Japanese military. The Filipinos, unlike all the other colonies of the Allied Powers fought-on with guerrilla warfare and bitter struggle ensued that resulted at the last days of ww2 with atrocities. On the evenings of FEB 22 through Feb 26 1945, the retreating Japanese holed-up in the "Intramuros District" and massacred everybody they can find south of the Pasig river. Two hundred and 20 thousand civilians were died. All the building were blown-up or set ablaze so that only the ancient walled city stood with its 16 Basilicas and Universities dating back to the 16th century. The walled city was also protected by a 500 mtr width moat.

It was a perfectly preserved specimen just like Dubrovnik in Croatia.

The returning Americans, in order to save lives, decided to Carpet bomb the Walled City. Today only the core and ruins remain.

The then Lt Winnie Welborn was the head of the entire network of mountain hospitals for Guerrillas in Northern Luzon. There she brought along her children, a pair of twins named after the air-bases in TX, Randolph and Kelly Fields where her husband trained. Randolph was to die of childhood diseases in the jungle, but Kelly (now mrs. Vizcarra) survived. Whenever she inspected, she left Kelly with a young Major suffering-from-malaria by the name of Ferdinand Marcos, who requested Winnie that if all of them survive the coming battles, that he (Marco)s be the Major Wedding Sponsor of the toddler Kelly. In 1968, Marcos now Phil President, knelt at the altar as one of the wedding sponsors at Kelly's wedding."1


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