Dolly Travis1

F, #543, b. 25 July 1765, d. before 1806
Last Edited=1 Oct 2007
     Dolly Travis, daughter of William Mills Travis and Abigail Denmark, was born on 25 July 1765. Dolly Travis was the daughter of William Mills Travis and Abigail Denmark.

Dolly Travis married Amos Moore.

Dolly Travis was included in the will of William Mills Travis on 13 August 1805 at Warren County, Georgia; The abstract of his will is: Wife: Abigail; Sons: Simeon, Asa, Amos, Gideon (deceased); Daughters: Barrow, Siddi; Albriton, Liddey (?); Dolly, deceased; Heirs: heirs of Travis, Giden (deceased), heirs of (?), Dolly (deceased); Executor: Travis, Simeon; Travis, Asa; Travis, Amos;Witness: Herring, John; Smith, John, Powell, Martha.2

Dolly Travis died before 1806.


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