William Granberry1

M, #1718, b. circa 1625, d. after 1684
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     William Granberry, was born circa 1625.1

In John Granbery Virginia, compiled by Julian Hastings Granbery, there is listed an genealogy which goes back to 1495. This genealogy states that there were two brothers, William and John who came to Virginia in 1650.

The two men had four sons -- Samuel, John, Peter and William, Jr. but it is not known which men had which sons, except for William, Jr. who is known to be the son of William.2

In the introduction to The Granberry Family by Donald Lines Jacobus, he states:
     Like so many Virginia families, the early generations of the Granberry family cannot be presented with exactitude because of the paucity of records. The problem of putting together a connected pedigree is intensified in the case of the Granberry family, because from the first generation in which the surname appears, there was more than one male head of the family who could have fathered all or part of those of the succeeding generation. The names Granberry, Granbury and Cranbury seem to be variant forms of the same surname and were easily confused and interchanged...

     The Old English form, crana-byrig, meant an earthwork frequented by cranes, and as such was a place name. The surname doubtless is one of that numerous class derived from place names. It is found, variously spelled, in Devonshire and other counties. The place name is found in Hampshire, where a parish of Cranburye is mentioned in a record of 1551. The personal name occurs as early as 1280. There was no standard of spelling in England or the American colonies before the publication of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary."3

William Granberry married Anne (?).1

William Granberry died after 1684 at Nansemond County, Virginia.1

Child of William Granberry and Anne (?)


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