Eric Darst1,2

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Last Edited=22 Sep 2007
     Eric Darst is the son of William Shedrick Arnott and Violet Averil Balmer.2

Eric Darst married Debbie (?) on 18 December 1971. Eric Darst and Debbie (?) were divorced.3

Eric Darst married Shari (?) before 1991.


  1. Eric took the surname of his step-father, Jack Darst.
  2. [S124] Personal knowledge of this researcher, Lynell Arnott (Florence, Arizona), from family connections and information from family member's direct knowledge of events.
  3. [S179] Interview with Alice Joyce Stevens Arnott (informant address private) , by this researcher, 1996. Notes of this interview are in the personal records of this researcher (Florence, Pinal County, Arizona).