Nicholas Clemmow1,2

M, #2828, b. 5 April 1794
Last Edited=24 Jul 2009
     Nicholas Clemmow, was born on 5 April 1794 at Cambourne, Cornwall, England.1

The name Clymo/Clemmow and a multitude of other variaions and spellings is a name which traces back to ancient times in England and Cornwall. There is a book - Mabinogi an Clem: the Story of the Children of Clem - which documents the history of the family from the earliest mentions down to modern times. In it are descriptions of historical figures of that name and of life in ancient times in that part of the world.

Though we do not have the specifics of this particular line, there are reasons to believe that our family was in the area of Cornwall, England for centuries. It is also interesting to note that when Thomas Bailey, whose grandmother was Sarah Clymo, and his parents immigrated to Iowa County, Wisconsin, there were already Clymo's there.3

A descendent of Nicholas Clemmow and Mary Cook Clemmow ultimately emmigrated from Cornwall to Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin. It is interesting to note that the first immigrant to arrive in Mineral Pointwas a Francis Clyma, who came in 1827. He discovered a rich lead deposit and began to mine. In later years, many Cornish men and their families came to the area, including Thomas Bailey, son of Thomas Bailey and Sarah Clymo, of Cornwall, England.4

Nicholas Clemmow married Mary Cock.1

Child of Nicholas Clemmow and Mary Cock


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